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Opening of School
Welcome Back to our Students and Staff!  School starts on Wednesday, September 6th!

PowerSchool Links:
For Parents: 
For specific instructions for parents, please do the following:
1.  Select "Parent Resources"
2.  Select "Creating a New Account on Power School"
3.  Select the link, which will provide specific instructions
For Administration: 
For Staff: https://psbuena.psisjs.com/teachers/pw.html​
BRMS Announcements
Sport Schedules
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Remember this is a tentative schedule
Please keep in touch with
your child's coach for

Updated Directions to Check Grades & Progress in PowerSchool

Due to recent changes to Powerschool the login and password for parents must be recreated.  Some of you have already completed this process so you will not need to do it again.  For those of you who have not yet created a new account since the start of the school year please follow these directions.
1.      The Students Schedule that was sent home with your child will have the information for the parent access id and parent access password that you will need to create your account. 
2.      Please go to the BRMS homepage the Parent Rescources.
3.      Click on the Powerschool link then click create an account. 
4.      Follow the simple steps, remembering to fill in YOUR parent access ID and PW under your students name in link student accounts  This is on your student's schedule that was sent home. It is Case Sensitive.If your child is a Jr. or III please make sure that is also put in when you enter the student's name
5.      Fill in the information for each of your children and hit the return button
This is a time delayed process so once you complete the process please allow the system time to update. Once the process is done it will follow your child each school year.

Any questions or concerns please reach out to your child's guidance counselor

 Once you are logged in to view your child’s teacher quarter grades, comments or assignments for any marking period will be displayed.
  To find these for each quarter, go on the left hand tab called Navigation, then click on grade history. You can  see  your child's grades that have been archived, then click on the percent in blue you will see the teacher’s comments for that class.

Another way you can see your child’s comment is under the navigation tab, click on the teacher comments tab, then changed the reporting term to the Quarter you wish to view. The comments will appear for the quarter you have chosen. 
If you are looking for the current marking period information just click on the grade that appears on the main PowerSchool Page when you log in. When you click on the grade you will see your child's assignments for the marking period that you have chosen


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